The Central Committee of Communist Party, Turkey (KP) released a declaration for the peoples of the world in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey:

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Turkey must exit NATO.

The EU membership process must stop;

All military agreements with the US must be abolished, all relevant military bases must be closed;

All religious associations must be dissolved. Any religious discourse must be forbidden in politics. Educational system must be refashioned on the secular basis;

The support for the terrorist groups in Syria must be called off.

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The Central Committee of the Communist Party gathered on 17th of July and assessed the latest developments in the country deeply and also discussed the state of the Party and its tasks at hand. [EN] [DE][AR] [RU]


The Communist Party is calling on our people to organize in the Party's ranks against the enemies of the people and humanity.
The liberation is in our own hands. [ES] [DE]


The workers from Syria and Turkey should struggle together against capitalists and imperialism since they will be exploited by the same bourgeoise in this country


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, you virtually declared the end of the neo-Ottomanist adventure when you apologized from Russia and Israel last week. And such a bitter end of the adventure you embarked on under auspices of the moneybags and the US imperialism who have been backing you up from the start, an end we warned you about years ago, is indeed proper. But acknowledging the result will not save you or your associates.


As the people, it is not in our nature to become hardened to these massacres, to succumb to tyranny and to keep silent in the face of fundamentalism and injustice. Ones who do so lose their humanity and they do not deserve to be called the 'people'.


The referendum taken place in Britain regarding the continuation of EU membership ended up in the direction of “exit” mostly as a result of preference of the poor classes.

Communist Party, Turkey salutes this will arisen in Britain.


The speech of Kemal Okuyan, First Secretary of the CC of KP, at the 10th Congress of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, in Madrid.


The alleged “indignation” created by the resolution of German parliament on Armenian genocide is bounded by the needs of Turkish capitalism. The reaction of the AKP is fake, since Turkish capitalism has deep connections with Germany.