We salute the will arising in Britain

The referendum taken place in Britain regarding the continuation of EU membership ended up in the direction of “exit” mostly as a result of preference of the poor classes.

Communist Party, Turkey salutes this will arisen in Britain.

CP, Turkey salutes this will since it itself has been campaigning against the EU and Turkey’s membership thereto. As an imperialist union, the EU has nothing to do with the interests of the working class.

CP, Turkey salutes this will because the crisis of the European Union gives way to new opportunities in the struggle against the capitalist class, which has been systematically pursuing its attacks on the working class based on the union for years. 

CP, Turkey salutes this will because the EU myth, which has been promoted as an irrevocable integration process for years, has taken a major blow. 

CP, Turkey salutes this will because now it will be harder for the capitalist classes to persuade or suppress their people by passing the buck on EU regulations and resolutions when it comes to accounting for their anti-labor and anti-democratic politics.  

CP, Turkey salutes this will because the crisis of imperialism is now gaining a new character.

CP, Turkey salutes this will because the demagogic propaganda of the EU promoting itself as libertarian and defender of human rights and veiling its fundamental responsibility for the rising racism and immigrant crisis, has failed.

CP, Turkey salutes this will because the revolutionary forces in Europe did not leave the anti-EU position to the monopoly of some nationalist, racist and reactionary forces during the referendum campaign in Britain. 

CP, Turkey salutes this will, and while uttering its solidarity with the forces defending the interests of the working classes in Britain once again it also comradely apprises of the fact that strengthening the independent political line of the working class is to gain even more significance for the coming period.

With the referendum, in Britain, neither the character of the ruling class has been transformed, nor the conditions of the working class have been improved

Capitalism has nothing to promise or offer to the working class. This comes to mean that not any element of the World imperialist system and not any single capitalist state can play a constructive role in the course of history. 

With regard to working classes of both Britain and the rest of the World, British capitalism is a system to be abolished, whether in or out of the EU. It is a must to struggle against any sort of illusion and distortion regarding the outcomes of the exit.

If the European working class, notably the British working class, fails to seize the opportunity to organize and create a struggle impetus, the deepening crisis of the EU may result in devastating effects. For this reason, CP, Turkey is of the opinion that the international working class movement should be even more vigilant against solution seeking within the limits of the system. 

Raise the revolutionary struggle against the imperialist EU!

Down with the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie!

Down with nationalism and racism!

Long live socialism!

Communist Party, Turkey