29.12.2016 20:15

Communist Party, Turkey (KP) hopes to struggle arm-in-arm with the communists from all over the world in 2017,

100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution

20.12.2016 21:15

Article on the killing of the Russian ambassador by Kemal Okuyan, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Turkey (KP)

11.12.2016 11:29

It has appeared that many people were dead or wounded in the bomb attacks happened at Besiktas yesterday.

The number of casualties which approaches 30 might increase in the coming hours.

We share our deep condolences with the acquaintances and beloved ones of the victims and wish health to the wounded people.


28.11.2016 18:04

Communist Party, Turkey (KP) visited the Cuban Embassy in Ankara and delivered a message of condolences regarding the loss of Cde Fidel Castro.

27.11.2016 09:30

Article by First Secretary of the CC of Communist Party, Turkey (KP) Kemal Okuyan on the loss of legendary Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Published on 26 November 2016 on soL news portal

26.11.2016 13:57

We have received the news regarding the death of the Great Commander of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro Ruz. We are in deep grief. [ES]

We have just lost one of the greatest heroes of humanity who was raised in the twentieth century. The Cuban Revolution in 1959 was the most distinctive segment of the epoch of socialist revolutions which was started by the 1917 Russian Revolution.

26.11.2016 09:57



16.11.2016 14:50

Communist Party, Turkey (KP) celebrated the 30th year of Gelenek [ES]

On the 99th anniversary day of the October Revolution, Communist Party, Turkey (KP) held meetings with members and friends in several cities for the celebration of the 30th year of the Marxist theoretical journal Gelenek.

10.11.2016 11:14

The global crisis of the capitalism keeps getting intensified. All the crisis of capitalism provide a chance for the system to restructure itself. This is the skill enabled this system to survive so far. Apparently there is a link between the crisis and the resolution of the system, yet it cannot be explained with an absolute cause and effect relation. The link, can only be restored between the working class's opportunity to receive the chance to end the system as the sole gravedigger, not any other outsider power.

This is the exact point where the left should position against the intensifying crisis of the system around the world. Apparently it is not a coincidence that it is this very position which is missed by the ones who consider Trump's presidency as the end of the world...

07.11.2016 16:06

Communist Party, Turkey held regional meetings on the day of multi anniversaries of: the October Revolution, the launch of Gelenek and the reclaiming of the name of TKP (Communist Party of Turkey)