The assesment on the results of the presidential elections in USA

The global crisis of the capitalism keeps getting intensified. All the crisis of capitalism provide a chance for the system to restructure itself. This is the skill enabled this system to survive so far. Apparently there is a link between the crisis and the resolution of the system, yet it cannot be explained with an absolute cause and effect relation. The link, can only be restored between the working class's opportunity to receive the chance to end the system as the sole gravedigger, not any other outsider power.

This is the exact point where the left should position against the intensifying crisis of the system around the world. Apparently it is not a coincidence that it is this very position which is missed by the ones who consider Trump's presidency as the end of the world...

The belief that says the problems of this system could only be handled within itself eats into humanity constantly. There is no other explanation of the perception of Trump being more dreadful than Clinton.

However, the disappointment is inevitable for the ones who see the world as that.

Because, with this perspective, the alternative for Trump is Clinton... Because, they are ready to keep the current disgrace since they do not have hope in future... Because, it is the easiest thing for them to write scripts of disaster since they do not see the crisis as an opportunity to take over...

The issue is not about seeing the bright side. Obviously there is nothing to be happy about Trump's victory. Yet, on the other hand, is there anything acceptable about the perspective which would be relieved with Clinton's victory?

Masses around the world try to hold on whatever they have at hand with dispair, fear and haste while the crisis of capitalism intensifies. The crisis today does not guide people to seek solutions out of the rule but to hold on the opportunities they think the system provides for them.

Large groups of the working people react as if they are obliged to this middle class reflection, and even a worker from Turkey relates Trump's victory with AKP's authoritarianism and gets into panic.

You cannot build hope for the future from so called deep analysis which correlate Trump's presidency with the developments in other parts of the world, such as the orientation of the capitalism of Turkey. Because there is not even any trace of the working class in those analysis.

However, no perspective has the chance to promise for future without putting the working class at the center, not for the world, not for Turkey.

The crisis is only a chain of disastrous events, unless it is not perceived as an opportunity for revolution. It is a dark picture.

The only way to break this chain, to seek for the light in this darkness, is a path of thought which would throw away this system. At the center of this path will be the working class, having no intensives from the continuity but having its historic interests within the blowing of this system.

There is no hope without the working class...

The political crisis of the EU, the quest for the imperialist ways form Russia, the presidential elections in USA, the adventures of Erdoğan and AKP in Turkey... Where ever you look, this system keeps to produce dirtiness. Besides, each and every pursuit within the borders of this system will serve the production of this dirtiness.

The reason of dispair is to stay within the borders of this system.

No relief for us until a new world is built...

No hope, but willing the earth to rise on new foundations...


Central Committee, Communist Party, Turkey