Recep Tayyip Erdogan, you virtually declared the end of the neo-Ottomanist adventure when you apologized from Russia and Israel last week. And such a bitter end of the adventure you embarked on under auspices of the moneybags and the US imperialism who have been backing you up from the start, an end we warned you about years ago, is indeed proper. But acknowledging the result will not save you or your associates.

The neo-Ottomanism was appealing to Turkish capitalists who were in search for new markets, resources, and cheap labor. And the religion meant to you both a foreign policy instrument and an opportunity to deceive the poor. Moreover, the abuse of religion was bringing in well alongside its role in covering up the inequalities and injustices. The neo-Ottomanism would have empowered the dictatorship in Turkey while opening a new life space for it.

Some imperialists, notably the US, thought they have found an ambitious partner. They paved the way for you. And the greatest battle took place in Syria. You declared Assad “dictator” whom you used to call “my brother” once. You gave support by every means possible to the armed gangs, turning Turkey into a base for terrorism. But your miscalculations went wrong when Syrian people resisted such interventions, and Russia and Iran brought their power into play in order to protect their interests.

You were so sure of yourself that you left traces of crime in every instance of this bloody and dirty adventure. You did not care the evidences popping up everywhere. You thought you would win anyway. 

And yet you have lost!

You tried to prevent the truth come to light by imprisoning journalists, censoring everything against you, and buying out almost all the media institutions and yet your power did not suffice against the states who struggle to lead the global order. This is why you apologized from Putin: to save yourself! You beg his pardon, saying “izvinitye; so sorry”, to avoid the rising anger of the capitalist class who had supported you from the start but began to suffer from your incompetence. 

As if Putin would care! He called you “a hero” once and he can do it again. Just as all other bourgeois politicians, Putin too defends the interests of the class he represents and Russian state, which belongs to the same class. As he stalemated you, he shall ask for as much as you can provide. See, you even offered Russia to whom you have been blustering until very recent, to open Incirlik Base for them. Obviously, you are frightened!

And let this be a lesson for those who believe that Putin seeks justice in Syria or Turkey. What have we always told? Neither enmities nor amities are real in the World of the capitalists!

And your squabble with Israel too was fake. While you were speaking out against it, Israel-Turkey relations were continuing in all aspects. As of today, that fake enmity is unnecessary as well. It seems that you decided to be the “good boy”.

You now declare ”we will get along with everyone”. Pity on you, there is no such a world under capitalism. Imperialism cannot exist without competition, without wars! There are limits of allying Germany, Russia and the US at once.

You kneeled before Russia due to panic. Yes, Russia and the US are trying to agree on Syria but this does not come to mean that the conflicts among them ended. And in near future you will have to give them what they want as a member of the NATO. They will always ask for more since you cannot survive without the support from the US and its allies. You probably know that they do not trust you a bit.

Among the moneybags in Turkey, those who are angry with you are not few in number. The neo-Ottomanist foreign policy has turned out a disappointment for them too: they have lost several markets and paid for great risks. Moreover, they are annoyed with your domestic policy of rising tension. On the other hand, you have been so ambitious for spoiling country’s resources and repressing the labor movement that they do not allow anyone to speak ill of you in that respect. In short, they are happy with the roses but for the thorns.

You are in a tight corner and thus you are after agreeing with Putin, with the US imperialism and capitalists of Turkey by giving them more than they demand. And yet as we said it is hard work, you have so many breaches in your ship that while you attempt to fix one, many others start leaking. May it be easy for you! You can go on apologizing.

As far as we are concerned, we will continue our way. We were at loggerheads with the capitalist order that brought you to the leadership and the mindset that you represent all the time, including the times when you were going on vacation together with Assad family and when you were on good terms with Putin. Because you represent the rich, you represent fundamentalism, you represent the capital whereas we represent the poor, the progress and the labor. 

Of course, we too are content with the decrease of the tension with Russia, not because we care for your amity with Putin, the representative of Russian capitalism, but because we care for workers of Russia, our true friends and allies.

You can apologize from Putin, from Israel, and yet we do not buy it! 

We will not let any crimes to be brushed under the rug. And you cannot win by turning against your old accompanies. You cannot gloss over your crimes against the people. We will call you for account and we will change this system! 

As with your move on citizenship for Syrian refugees...

Racism and nationalism are values of your world. But we are different. We would never reject Syrians who have lost their homes due to the deeds of the reactionary alliance with which you side. No doubt that the best solution for the Syrian refugees most of whom are poor workers is the total collapse of the imperialist conspiracy against Syria and their consequent return to their homes in peace. And yet we will not approve those who try to prevent these people who cannot return to their home due to several reasons from becoming Turkish citizens.

What we will not allow, what we will struggle against, are the attempts to turn Syrian refugees into cheap labor force, and the view that hold them as a pool of potential fundamentalist terrorists. We will not leave the Syrian poor to your mercy and your demagogy.

And we will never leave this country to your mercy!