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Turkey must exit NATO.

The EU membership process must stop;

All military agreements with the US must be abolished, all relevant military bases must be closed;

All religious associations must be dissolved. Any religious discourse must be forbidden in politics. Educational system must be refashioned on the secular basis;

The support for the terrorist groups in Syria must be called off.

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These are the urgent demands that must be raised and popularized after the coup attempt of the Gulenists and their collaborators.
The Communist Party cannot let the immediate connections between the unjust system in the country and what happened thereof be passed over while struggling for such demands.
All those crimes the coup plotters committed, all that violence we lived through, all that counter-violence used in suppressing the coup, and the street terror that went along these... All these are the continuation of the crimes, which were committed by the now-broken alliance of the fighting sides.
Besides, among those crimes are the selling of the TÜPRAŞ, Sümerbank, Telekom,* and other public entities to local and foreign monopolies. Among those, is also privatization of education and health sectors, making them subject to profit maximization. Among those, are repression of the working class, their being forced to disorganization, and lowering the wages. Among those, are disrupting the agriculture, destroying the balance of the nature.
These crimes are no less significant than the cruelties, which portray the bloody picture we witness today.
The agents of this total attack on our working people and coup plotters are co-members of the same parasitic class.
As the Communist Party, we warn our people: Do not fall into this trap, these actors represent two sides of the same coin, do not overlook this unity!
Unless this system changes, unless the domination of the capitalist class that grows richer and richer by exploiting the labor, unless Turkey stops anticipating for getting a slice of the cake by approaching to any of the competing imperialist centers, neither poverty, unemployment, chaos, war nor coups will end. It is a must to be in solidarity with other working peoples of the World and to back those brothers/sisters who live by the sweat of their brow; whereas it is a desperate and bloody adventure to flirt with competing great Powers who antagonize peoples.
An imam without sanity attempted to seize the fate of the country by a bloody coup. And a wannabe sultan who is no better than him has been drifting the society backwards, into the darkness.
On the other hand, on our side are tens of millions of working people!
When tens of millions of working people of Turkey unite and organize, together we will deliver our country from this trap, we will call all the crimes of this order to account, and we will get rid of wars, coups, poverty, and fundamentalism once and for all.

Then, we shall not be bystanders of this disgrace, this violence!

To create the united power of the people...

Step into action!

*These are some of the large-scale public firms from energy, communication, textiles and finance sectors once belonged to the state (and people) and were privatized along the last decade.


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