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Recep Tayyip Erdogan, you virtually declared the end of the neo-Ottomanist adventure when you apologized from Russia and Israel last week. And such a bitter end of the adventure you embarked on under auspices of the moneybags and the US imperialism who have been backing you up from the start, an end we warned you about years ago, is indeed proper. But acknowledging the result will not save you or your associates.


As the people, it is not in our nature to become hardened to these massacres, to succumb to tyranny and to keep silent in the face of fundamentalism and injustice. Ones who do so lose their humanity and they do not deserve to be called the 'people'.


The referendum taken place in Britain regarding the continuation of EU membership ended up in the direction of “exit” mostly as a result of preference of the poor classes.

Communist Party, Turkey salutes this will arisen in Britain.


The alleged “indignation” created by the resolution of German parliament on Armenian genocide is bounded by the needs of Turkish capitalism. The reaction of the AKP is fake, since Turkish capitalism has deep connections with Germany.



The Communist Party, Turkey (KP) celebrated the May Day, on the days when it struggles to build the future in a country where a fundamentalist darkness prevails.

The 1st of May of the year 2016 became a day of unity, solidarity and struggle, where the working class took position against the fundamentalism and exploitation, dared the imperialist thieves and inhumane powers.

The working class is stronger than the fundamentalists, imperialists, capitalists, dictator scraps.

The working class is stronger with its Party.

Responding to its call, masses gathered at the Communist Party ranks at İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Samsun, Eskişehir, Edirne, Çanakkale and Mersin.

At the May Day meetings in 2016, the Communist Party, Turkey (KP) received the outcomes of the recent political work in expanding the organization. The KP corteges were the largest at the May Day meetings in all the cities where they participated.

The KP was also represented in Germany and Netherlands on May Day celebrations.

See the link for the photo gallery of the Communist Party, Turkey on the May Day of 2016.


Communist Party, Turkey (KP) released a statement for Newroz, calling the people to open a new sheet and celebrate a "new day". [EN] [KU]


The attack in Ankara which is both inhumane and hostile to all the people, is another sign how our country has been drawn into catastrophe.

For Spanish see [ES]


In light of the very dangerous developments for the peoples that are unfolding in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the common stance of the Communist Parties against the imperialist interventions and wars acquires even greater importance. A delegation of the KKE recently visited Turkey and held discussions with the CP, Turkey about the developments in the region, the situation in Greece and Turkey, the tasks and experiences of the communists in the two countries. The two CPs decided to issue a Joint Statement on the developments in the Aegean Sea and the involvement of NATO there, which uses the issue of immigration as its pretext.

For Spanish see [ES]


The CC of KP released a soldarity message  to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), on the occasion of the mass mobilisations against the SYRIZA-ANEL government's draft law for the social security system in Greece.


Mustafa Suphi and his 14 comrades have been commemorated by the Communist Party,Turkey (KP) in events on the 95th anniversary of their assassination.