The working class is strong with its Party

The Communist Party, Turkey (KP) celebrated the May Day, on the days when it struggles to build the future in a country where a fundamentalist darkness prevails.

The 1st of May of the year 2016 became a day of unity, solidarity and struggle, where the working class took position against the fundamentalism and exploitation, dared the imperialist thieves and inhumane powers.

The working class is stronger than the fundamentalists, imperialists, capitalists, dictator scraps.

The working class is stronger with its Party.

Responding to its call, masses gathered at the Communist Party ranks at İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Samsun, Eskişehir, Edirne, Çanakkale and Mersin.

At the May Day meetings in 2016, the Communist Party, Turkey (KP) received the outcomes of the recent political work in expanding the organization. The KP corteges were the largest at the May Day meetings in all the cities where they participated.

The KP was also represented in Germany and Netherlands on May Day celebrations.

See the link for the photo gallery of the Communist Party, Turkey on the May Day of 2016.