International Bulletin No12 [EN] [ES]

 Communist Party of Turkey reaches 96 years [ES]

On September 10, 1920 in Baku, the Communist Party of Turkey was founded. 

Communist Party of Turkey organised its initial congress, neighbouring a revolution which gave hope to the humanity, when just after a bloody war and in a world in which exploiters fighting to take their share in plunder.

That was a period in which the Soviet revolution struggled for disseminating the ideals of working class power in Asia; in which the ones who have nothing to lose but their chains took the opportunity to establish a new world after so many decades; and when the follower movements in Europe and Asia of the Russian revolution which has an international character were organising rapidly.

Russian, Azeri, Armenian, Georgian, Abkhaz… They stood shoulder to shoulder so as to make a proletarian state from the ruins of Tsarist Russia.

Communist Party of Turkey was born in such an excitement.

The Ottoman Empire which had a lot in common in its near past with Tsarist Russia was also in destruction.  Yet, that destruction was coming with an occupation, not a revolution.

Communist Party of Turkey was founded by those who foresaw that this corrupt empire which had not been overthrown with a revolution was going to collapse around peoples’ ears with occupation and deterioration.

And, Communist Party of Turkey is the party of revolution in Turkey.

Those who die for the Communist Party of Turkey and those who made a great effort for it in the years following the foundation, took place in this process because they believed that happy and bright days would come only with a socialist revolution.

This belief has never been weakened in 96 years.

Yet, the ones who have been doubted on it saw more than that in 96 years.

Communists were calling people for equality. Turning a deaf ear to this call, Turkey became a country where inequalities and deep social cliffs were increasing day by day.

Communists were calling people for justice. Those who turned a deaf ear to this call are now being taken to inquisition in palaces of justice.

Communists were calling people for patriotism. Those who are seeking independence and sovereignty in the power of moneybags, not with communists, are now discussing hope from Pentagon against the operations supported by CIA and from Russian oligarchs.

Communists were calling people for a world enlightened by science. The actors of the system who tried hard to pull communists’ legs from universities, science and arts institutions now feel sorry for the “science institutions of the Republic” which they commended to those who were suddenly promoted as a director of science institute from the position of the zoo manager.  

The long-established arts institutions which were closed to the plays of communists now close their gates to the plays by Shakespeare as well.

Communist Party of Turkey was founded 96 years ago today.

TKP was founded by those who foresaw that it was impossible to stand if it would not be gone far, too far.

It was founded by those who knew that cowardice, conservatism, and inactivity could not sustain the country, let alone move it forward.

Salvation in a country which is on the brink of the abyss, will not be achieved by regrets, by nostalgia, or by trying to turn back time. TKP was founded and is now maintained by the ones who knew it.

What Turkey just needs is this awareness and belief.

Communist Party of Turkey is the party of communists, but also the only hope for the whole country.

Communist Party of Turkey represents the struggle for a world in which equality, freedom, labour, and justice will reign.  

96 years later, our hope for the bright future of our country and world has not been diminished.

Happy 96 years!

Long live TKP!