'The only way out for the peoples is the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of a society ruled by the working class, the people.'


Aytek Soner Alpan (Central Committee of CP, Turkey), 02.02.2015, soL

When AKP came to power in 2002, we were totally alone in our claim that AKP was a reactionary and pro-imperialist government that was the enemy of the working class. Yet, according to the rest, AKP had come with a solid promise of reform. They were representatives of a political line excluded by the capitalist order in Turkey. They were victims, too, just like the leftist movement. They were determined to bring Turkey to the path of accession to the EU, which would certainly create democratic opportunities. It would be wrong to treat them with prejudices. We were recommended to wait and see what would happen.


Yiğit Günay, 14.01.2015

An extremely important read on the new and dangerous period we are facing post-CharlieHebdo...


Kemal Okuyan, 08.01.2015, soL

Progressive and courageous people were murdered in Paris. We are furious. Our anger against reactionaries is sharpening.

But we have to think…