There are workers in this country!

At the event of the Communist Party, Turkey in Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi on 17th April, 2016, Ozan Incedere, a metal worker, spoke on behalf of all the workers of the country

There are workers in this country!

I am the worker, you are the boss. 

If I am not taken into account although I am a majority, it is your fault. 

I am the one who creates and produces, you are the one who takes under possession.

I made these cities, these roads. I designed, I sketched, I prepared the mix, I put the bricks, I poured the asphalt. I put the cable, I set up the pillars, I installed the network.

The car that you drive, the computer and the program that you use, the telephone in your hand, is my creation.

I am the one who created all the values of life using my mind and my body. 

You are a parasite. You are exploiting my knowledge and my creativity. You are claiming my production.

You are a thief. You are stealing my labour.

You are a murderer. Every year you are killing thousands of us at the time that we are trying to earn our lives. Not at holidays, neither on the streets or our houses, we are dying at our workplaces when you try to exploit us more because of  your love for money. And without any shame, you say that it was a destiny, an accident.

Although I am all around, I am not seen. It is your fault.

I am the creator, the producer. You are the governor.

The state is yours. The police, the soldier are yours. The parties in the parliament are yours and the system called democracy is also yours. You think that a trade union is too much for me. You are obstructing me in every possible way from organizing and gathering together. 

In your aspect, my worst crime is that I do not succumb to you, I rebel to the system and I do not accept that this is the way that it goes. That is why you applause the ones that are crushing the labourers.

Actually, you are the one that kills, imprisons, tortures. That is why you were laughing during the fascism of 12th September. When Özal was governing,
you looked like a spoiled child, getting whatever you wanted. The period of AKP was the most profitable and easy period of your life. 

You opened the way to fundamentalism. Fighting for my rights is a sin, opposing to you a shame. This is your devising. Giving as a charity only a small part of what I deserve and by this way making me dependent to you, is your invention. You brought up all the bigots in order to make me accept the injustice in the world. When your best investment, the imam preachers’ schools were increasing, you gained more and more.  

You are a thief and a murderer. Not finding a better representative from AKP is because you suit to Erdoğan.

You are a liar while I have the duty to tell the truth.

Your biggest lie is that I do not exist. Though, I do exist. In this country there are workers. This country has a working class. We exist.

The truth is in my, in our side. You stand on the lies. 

The truth always stands above the lies.

The truth beat the bosses.